We began making forestry investments in the 1980s, which today extend to thousands of acres in over 200 plantations.

In the 1990s, we developed our first onshore wind projects, expanding our portfolio over the course of that decade to include offshore wind.

Codling Wind Park is our latest achievement in offshore wind, set to produce enough renewable energy to meet more than 50 per cent of Ireland’s domestic energy requirements.

Once operational it will be the largest offshore wind farm in Ireland, making a major contribution to Ireland’s ambitious Programme for Government and Climate Action Plan’s 2030 emissions targets.

We have been futureproofing our real estate projects for years, long before sustainability became part of the industry lexicon.

By introducing a biomass heating plant to The Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Powerscourt to fuel operations, we saved the environment from 12,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

We created the world’s first carbon neutral convention centre in Dublin – The Convention Centre Dublin – and are poised to deliver the greenest Salesforce Tower on earth in the same European city.